Friday, March 16, 2007

Training On Thursday, 15 March 2007

On Thursday, 15 March 2007:
Easy Chi Kung - added the move Slant Flying

Easy Tai Chi - started on the 8 Movement Form which is the beginning mini section of the Yang Tai Chi form

Easy Arnis: the following has been added –
Random Feeding and Defence 1- attacker feeds any strike and defender has to block and deliver a counter-attack. The attacker is pre-arranged.
Random Feeding and Defence 2 - attacker feeds any strike and defender has to block and deliver a counter-attack. The attacker is not pre-arranged.
Whoever wants to attack, will attack without warning.
Disarms to any of the 4 Strike #3, #4, #7, #8 at will - the defender chooses, on the fly, which strike to execute a disarm on.
Random Feeding and Disarm 1- attacker feeds any strike and defender has to block and disarm. The attacker is pre-arranged.
Random Feeding and Disarm 2 - attacker feeds any strike and defender hasto block and disarm. The attacker is not pre-arranged. Whoever wants to attack, will attack without warning.

The amazing thing is that the students, in particular, one new female student, did very well. It was her 2nd session in my Easy Arnis class.

The class retired indoors to the Martial Arts room at about 8pm, where Easy Arnis, again. was taught to another student who had not had the opportunity to learn it. That quickly progressed in a rapid pace to disarms.

Then Sifu John Chow taught the deeper aspects of disarms using the 1st disarm technique against Strike #3. He demonstrated and explained the variations of the basic techniques and the details such as the flow, and the hold on the venus.

Then Sifu John Chow taught how the disarm can be done with various parts of the body - shoulder, forearm in lower quarter, aist, hip, shin, thigh, neck and even the fore finger!

The class then had a vigorous go at practising the variations.

Lastly, but not least, we continued the rapid pace with - barehand disarms against a stick welding attacker! By then, the class was familiar with the principles and movements of the disarms, and it was not difficult at all. Quite easy really.

That's all for the end of the 3rd week of the 1st semester. See you next week.

By the way, it is not too late to join. Come for a free lesson!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

3rd Week of the 1st Semester

Both the Monash University Tai Chi Chuan and Arnis clubs are getting on fine.

For Tai Chi, we have learnt:-
· Generic warming up exercises which helps with joints and arthritis.
· Joint Loosening Kungfu - for relaxing, loosening and emptying the body.
· Vajra Chi Kung:-
· Opening Form (4 moves)

Basic Chi Kung such as:-
· Chi Kung Begins
· Playing the Accordion
· Combination of 1 & 2
· Vajra Rotating Ball
· Vajra Polishing Mirror
· Etc.

Easy Tai Chi (left & Right, diagonally):-
· Single Ward Off
· Double Ward Off
· Roll Back
· Push
· Easy Push Hands
· Basic free format 2 hand push, outward.

For Easy Arnis, we have learnt:-
· Gripping the stick
· Stance
· On-Guard

Footwork – shuffling:-
· Shuffle forward
· Shuffle backward
· Shuffle forward and backward
· Shuffle backward and forward
· Shuffle forward multiple, and shuffle backward multiple

4 basic strikes:-
· Strikes #3, #4, #7, #8
· Strikes #3, #4, #7, #8 while shuffling forward
· Strikes #3, #4, #7, #8 while shuffling forward, returning to On-Guard
· Blocks to Strikes #3, #4, #7, #8
· Blocks to Strikes #3, #4, #7, #8 while shuffling backward
· Blocks and counter to Strikes #3, #4, #7, #8 while shuffling backward
· Feeding Strikes #3, #4, #7, #8 and blocking the counters

The Alive Hand:-
· Defending against Strikes #3, #4, #7, #8 using the Alive Hand
· Defending against Strikes #3, #4, #7, #8 using the Alive Hand shuffling backward

Basic disarms:-
· Basic forearm disarm on the closed side.
· Basic forearm disarm on the open side (stepping back and then forward)
· Snaking clockwase with the stick
· Switching to the outside (taught on Thursday 8 March only)

The amazing thing is that all of the above topics for Easy Arnis and Tai Chi Chuan were taught in a single class session, and yet the new students could follow and practise with good standard. It is a lot to learn and absorb, and yet the standard is equivalent to maybe 1 or 2 years of 'normal' martial arts training. This is perhaps attributable to the simple system of progressive training of Easy Tai Chi and Easy Arnis. The curriculum ceratinly is provn to work well with complete beginners, and in the next few months, it will be tested to prove whether it can be used to cater for any new students coming in different times and batches - all training in the same room, under the same instructor, and at the same time. The ultimate test of an efficient, sleek, and effective system that can cater for all situations. Come on guys and girls, it is still not too lat to join the Tai Chi and Arnis clubs. Whether you practise for health, relaxation or self defence, we cater for everything. beginners most welcome, and as you can see, we can bring you up to speed very very fast!

First lesson free.

Come and try us!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

New web home for Monash Tai Chi Club

The Monash Tai Chi Chuan Club now has a new web home!

Check out

The Monash Tai Chi club welcomes back all returning students and staff members, and those students and staff who are new to the Monash community. We hope 2007 will be a great year for all of you.

There are a few changes to the club structures at Monash University due to the VSA legislation. Tai Chi Chuan Club and the Arnis (Filipino martial arts) Club will be sharing the same training hall and times.

Tues: 6pm to 9pm Cellar Room (at the back of the Campus Centre, near the Post Office)
Thurs: 6pm to 9pm Martial Arts Hall, in the Sports Centre, near the barbeque stands.

This year, the membership fee includes 2 new items:-1) Free uniform (a polo and black trousers) to the value of $55.2) Automatic membership to the associated club. eg. If you join the Arnis Club, you get automatic membership to the Tai Chi Club as well, and vice versa. All members are allowed to cross-train across the 2 clubs. ie. You may simply walk across to join the activities or classes of the other club at anytime. This gives much flexibility in the member’s needs. The above is a great package:- 2 clubs for the price of one, easy and convenient cross-training, and a free set of uniforms! We cater for beginners - no prior knowledge is assumed. Bring a friend or a few friends for company. First lesson is free.

Yours sincerely,

Monash Tai Chi Chuan Club

Please note that there will not be lunch time classes held this year. Please refer to above website for important updates on training times

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Welcome bginners, short info about the training sessions.


to all the newcomers and the oblivious Tai Chi students here is a brief description of the venue:
• find the Union center, pretty much in the center of Monash Clayton campus. It’s building #10 in the Monash student diary map
• ask your way to the hair salon, or the Commonwelth Bank
• walk out of the closest exit to you (that one is facing north)
• use the next entrance to the left (same building, there is the Post office for instance)
• go down the stairs and you will find the room to your left as you are going down

There will be sings up shortly before and during class, so look for Tai Chi poster stands.

Monday lunchtime classes 12:00 to 1pm
Tuesday evening classes 5pm to 7pm
Wednesday lunchtime classes 12:00 to 1pm
Thursday evening classes 5pm to 7pm

Since we are just heading into the 2nd week, all BEGINNERS ARE WELCOME. Don’t be shy! Come along, give it a try, the first lesson is absolutely for free.

Due to VSU, we can not calculate how much we have to charge you this semester, but I'll bet it'll still be a bargain price.


if you have any questions, you can contact us at:

monashtaichimelbourne "at"

Hope to see you soon,

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Saturday BBQ update!!!

I heard the Australian Lebanese Community is having BBQ at the same stand, so let's change the spot back to the Boulevard side of Ruffey Lake Park, which is the western end of the park. This is where we had our World Tai Chi & Chi Kung day picnic.

MELWAY 33 F10 is the location.

12.30pm onwards, welcome to bring family and friends